Wireless broadband as fast as other broadband technologies

Soliton wireless carrier uses the best technology available today to deliver the service.
The on-premise equipment is extremely powerful, supporting bandwidths of many Mbps faster than almost all standard ADSL and cable technologies.

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A secure, flexible, robust & best in class enterprise solutions

Customer centric solution

Our solution can add value to a company by enabling it to differentiate itself from competitors who do not offer the same experience.

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Systematic & structured

Applying systematic thinking tools in analyzing the product can lead to potential new products or to a definition of new needs.

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Latest Technologies

Technologies are the hottest ones in the industry right now, for generating support from carriers, device makers and network vendors for mean to providing cost effective solutions to our clients.

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About Us

Soliton Netlink is the brainchild of experiance team members , who saw a gap in the market for a truly independent provider of impartial advice in the areas of connectivity, security , wireless network and monitoring. Bringing their years of experience being involved with world leading companies in this field, and an eye to understand exactly different companies are offering, means you are going to get the best of what is available.

Why Choose Us

Let us take the stress out of communications and connectivity

Most businesses shop around for internet, telephone and network options every few years, but don’t like to get bogged down with trying to understand how one technology differs from another. Technology changes fast. Let us take this stress away from you and find you a suitable solution. Let us to be an extension of your IT team.

Service Area

  • Service Area - 1
  • Service Area - 2
  • Service Area - 3
  • Service Area - 4
  • Service Area - 5
  • Service Area - 6
  • Service Area - 7

Top Notch 24/7 Support

  • Courteous, open and act with integrity towards you.
  • Pro-actively seek, to add value to your business by cutting down your IT cost.
  • Our teams of highly skilled professionals work round-the-clock to assure timely delivery of the Service.
  • Keep all of your confidences by providing 24/7 project updates and techno support & service.
  • Meet your expectations in delivering business intelligence and creating competitive business advantage.
  • Flexible, Scalable & Robust Solutions with quality & cost-efficient prices and also asserting Privacy & Confidentiality.

100% Reliable

  • Always on and HIGH SPEED up to 50 mbps
  • DOWNLOAD information, graphics, video and music files QUICKLY and easily
  • UNLIMITED USAGE – uploads or downloads
  • Improve PERFORMANCE and value from systems and software

Broadband’ is high speed internet access above 256kbps according to the ITU (International Telecommunications Union). Broadband internet access is the fastest way to surf, share, download, upload and play games online. It is an ‘always on’ service. You don’t have to dial-up each time to access the Internet.

We aspire to bring high-quality broadband connectivity to rural areas at reasonable rates. We seek to connect small and large client from the corporate, civil society and private sectors. We welcome you to become part of the Soliton NEYWORKS world.